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Fire and smoke detection (domestic)

Joelec Ltd are able to adapt your current smoke detection and carbon monoxide systems from the traditional 9 volt battery operated type alarms to hardwired alarms as we are recognised as an 'Aico Expert Installer' Company.

Hardwired alarms are safer than traditional battery only operated alarms as they continuously have power and do not go 'flat'. In addition to this, modern day hardwired alarms cost very little to run, a very small amount of power to maintain itself from existing circuits such as a lighting circuit. Most hardwired alarms also have the added feature of 'linking', so if one alarm activates, each alarm on that connection sounds, minimizing the chance of people in the premises not hearing the alarm. A 'link switch' can also be linked on the circuit so that if a false activation occurs, the alarms can be silenced or reset from a switch conveniently located rather than the traditional methods of having to access the alarm on the roof. 


Hardwired alarm systems are the new standard in domestic dwellings, with new builds having them installed as standard. Alarms come in both heat and smoke detection configurations meaning that you can have a heat detection alarm near the kitchen and smoke detection alarms in the rest of the house to minimize any false activation. Carbon monoxide detection is also built into most modern day hard wired alarms too giving all round protection for you and your family. 

Please use the 'Get a quote' button at the top of the page to discuss your requirements and arrange a risk assessment for your home.

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