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Kitchen and Bathroom

Joelec Ltd are able to help customers meet their electrical needs in designated 'special locations' such as bathrooms and kitchens. These locations are segregated as 'special locations' within the electrical regulations (BS7671:2018) due to the dangers and risks such as steam, humidity and water ingress.

Special locations are split into 'zones', most notable zones 0, 1, 2 and outside. Different zones require different levels of protections and installation considerations, such as a standard of 'IP' (International Protection) ratings and SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage). Each zones requirements are standardized to a minimum requirement, but subject to the customers specification and usage, these requirements may require additional protective measures. It is therefore recommended to consult a qualified, competent person prior to commencing works in special locations. 

Kitchen with Marble Island

If you are considering a new kitchen or bathroom, or considering upgrading or altering your existing kitchen or bathroom, please us the 'Get a quote' button at the top of the page to discuss your requirements.

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