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Fault diagnosis

Sometimes your electrical installation can develop a fault. Maybe a socket has stopped working, or a light will no longer work or switch as it should. Regardless of what type of fault your electrical installation has developed, Joelec Ltd are able to help.

You may not be aware of why your electrical installation is not operating as it should, but with our testing and diagnostic kits we will be able to narrow down the location of the fault a with a view of repairing the issue causing the fault on the installation.

Fault diagnosis is a complex area of electrical installation, and the time it takes to repair the fault can vary from a few minutes to countless hours depending on the size and complexity of the installation, the location of the fault and the type of fault. 

There are a wide range of faults that can develop that can lead to electrical installations requiring fault diagnosis. Please contact us via our 'Get a quote' button at the top of the page to discuss your fault. IF YOU SUSPECT THE A FAULT HAS LEFT A DANGEROUS SITUATION, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY USING THE 'I HAVE AN EMERGENCY' TAB.

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