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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told I need a registered electrician, are you registered?

Yes, Joelec Ltd are registered with the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) and are on the Registered Competent Person (Electrical) register. This means that we undergo annual assessments to ensure that we are up to speed with all the latest requirements and legislation, and a random sample of our work is selected by the inspector to ensure that it is safe and fit for purpose. 

I have had another quote but they cannot prove they are registered, how do I verify this?

The individual electrician will have an ID card issued to them by their appointed Competent Persons Scheme (Such as NAPIT) and will be able to show you this prior to commencing work. Additionally you are able to verify that the ID card you have been shown is valid by checking the company details online (such as on

How long does it take to rewire a house?

We know that timescale is important when completing disruptive works. Rewires are our specialism, and because of this we have the correct equipment to complete the job properly and in a timely manner. Our rewire team usually consists of between 2-4 personnel at any one time and takes approximately 6-7 days for an average 2-3 bedroomed house. We have had numerous clients come back to us after beginning work with another contractor who had promised completion in one week, only for them to find that the work has dragged on for two, three and even four weeks leaving them disrupted and behind schedule.


Joelec Ltd provide you with a set timeframe for both First and Second Fix that we stick to! Joelec Ltd have a 100% record for finishing projects in the timeframes we lay out prior to commencing a job. 

Will you price match a cheaper quote for my rewire?

We always provide the best value possible when supplying our customers with quotations. However there may be occasions where another contractor has provided a cheaper quote. In this instance, we would please ask that you contact us and forward their quotation on to us so that we can assess if we are able to match or beat their quotation using quality parts that we can confidently guarantee. Please note that in most instances, we find that cheap materials are being used and most contractors have hidden fees or are not properly registered or qualified. On the rare occasion another contractor has submitted a quotation that is more economical than Joelec Ltd, we will endeavour to match that quotation. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a six year workmanship warranty on all our work. We also offer a one year warranty on items that we supply and fit (however this is subject to some exclusions). We will provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions regarding our warranty with your estimate or quote. 

I have had a cheaper quote, why is this?

If you have been quoted a price that seems too good to be true, or is considerable below what we have quoted something may not be as it seems. The cheaper quote may not be carried out by un-qualified individuals, may be completed with inferior materials, may come with hidden fees such as a testing and sign off fee, or may be presented with false promises such as timeframes for completion. Unfortunately temptation gets the better of some clients and Joelec Ltd have had to attend jobs in the past where clients have gone for the cheapest quote and have not been happy with the end result, resulting in them paying twice for the same job! Joelec Ltd do not use cheap inferior products in our installations, and because of this we are able to confidently offer a two year warranty on the products that we provide. Joelec Ltd also include any applicable testing, inspection and notification fees in our quote. 

Can I complete minor electrical works in my house?

Joelec Ltd do not recommend that clients attempt any electrical works. There is a risk of serious injury or shock (even if you have turned the circuit off there may still be parallel paths, borrowed neutrals etc) even after you have completed the work. Not to mention there is a high likelihood of voiding your house insurance, contents insurance or life insurance policies. Saving a call out fee for a professional to carry out your work may end up costing you considerably more in the long run!

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