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Full and partial Rewires are Joelec Ltd's speciality field. As you can see through our portfolio, we complete rewires in accordance with Part P and in line with BS7671:2018, the standard set for electrical installations. We have the knowledge and expertise to calculate your current requirements and future proof your electrical installation for the foreseeable future.

Technological advances and 'smart home' technology have become increasingly popular in recent years and show no signs of slowing down. Did you know that if your house has been wired prior to these technological advances taking hold, it is likely that you will not have a neutral at your light switches so you will be unable to upgrade to most smart switches? A partial rewire may be required to enable you to move forward with advancing technologies.

Scientific advances and knowledge have grown also, for example it is bad practice to place PVC insulated cable in polystyrene insulation as the polystyrene degrades the PVC insulation, eventually leading insulation brittleness and risking a short circuit? 

Rewires, regardless of if they are partial or complete are disruptive. They are usually completed in two stages, the 'first fix' where existing cables are removed, and new cables and fixtures fitted. Once this is complete the area is then 'made good', usually by other trades such as plasterers and joiners. Once this has been completed the 'second fix' will commence where all cables and accessories such as light switches and sockets are connected up and fitted before final testing and inspection and signing off. At this point a certificate will be issued declaring the installation safe a fit for purpose, once issued, the job is complete.

Rewire chasing
Rewire cable pulling
Rewire Bedside sockets
Rewire before & after
Rewire before & after
Rewire before & after
Rewire cable pulling
Rewire (kitchen) cable pulling
Rewire (kitchen) after
Rewire cable pulling
Rewire with kitchen downlights
Commercial rewires - kitchen lighting

Top reasons why Joelec Ltd is the number one choice for you:

  • We provide you with your own dedicated Project Manager to ensure your rewire runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible - completely free of charge

  • We ensure only the best materials go into your rewire, ensuring longevity and reliability. We back up our work with a 6 year workmanship guarantee and a 2 year parts guarantee

  • We complete 100% of our rewire projects within our allocated timeframe

  • As specialists in our field, our rewire team is equipped with the right tools for the job. This allows us to cause as little damage as possible - including to features of older houses

  • No hidden charges - All our quotes are inclusive of notification charges to your local building control

  • We provide an experienced rewire team, overcoming obstacles that may arise with the minimum of fuss and damage

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