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Accident repair

Accidents are a fact of life, but Joelec Ltd are able to help when they happen in your home. Sometimes a nail through a cable, or a new puppy chewing everything in sight can cause power loss and create a dangerous situation.

You may not be aware of why your electrical installation is not operating as it should, but with our testing and diagnostic kits we will be able to narrow down the location of the fault and repair the issue causing the fault on the installation.

Although we do not encourage D.I.Y electrics, we are more than aware that some people will try their hand at minor works such as replacing a light fitting or placing an addition on a circuit. These things often go wrong as a lack of technical knowledge can often lead to crossed wires or metallic parts becoming live when they shouldn't. Always consult a qualified,competent person to carry out your electrical works, no matter how minor they seem!

Electrical Work

There are a wide range of accidents that can happen that can lead to electrical installations requiring repair. Please contact us via our 'Get a quote' button at the top of the page to discuss your accident and resolution. IF THE ACCIDENT HAS LEFT A DANGEROUS SITUATION, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY USING THE 'I HAVE AN EMERGENCY' TAB AND REQUEST AN EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN!

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