Cable re-routing & management

Joelec Ltd are able to assist in the cable re-routing for many commercial and industrial settings. Regardless of if you are moving an office to a new area, changing the use of a room, or require a cable moving for development, we are able to assist you.

We are able to install both fixed and flexible conduit systems to keep the area looking tidy and your cables protected. We are also able to install tray systems, basket systems, and ladder systems to support cables throughout the run. 

There are many types of cables, and sometimes it isn't practical or aesthetically pleasing to have these cables run down or along the walls, particularly in customer facing areas. Joelec Ltd are able to re-route these cables under the floor, in the ceiling or in decorative conduit systems such as skirting conduit or compartment trunking to assist with the aesthetics of your business premises.

Cable management.jpg